Welcome to RWA-GVC!

Looking for a resource-rich and supportive community to nurture your writing career? Come and find out what we’re all about!

We are the Romance Writers of America of the Greater Vancouver Chapter. Our purpose is to nurture emerging writers and to support published ones.

Our members write romance stories in a variety of genres and lengths, including:

  • contemporary
  • historical
  • paranormal romance 
  • mystery
  • non-fiction 
  • mainstream fiction

Our writers all favour different levels of heat! You can find…

  • sweet romance
  • erotica
  • (and everything in between!)

We’re expressing ourselves in all kinds of lengths and formats, such as:

  • novels
  • novellas
  • short fiction
  • e-books
  • audio books
  • multi-author collections
  • magazines

Our authors have a wide range of publishing experience and are all willingly share their knowledge about 

  • traditional print
  • indie / self-publishing
  • digital 

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